Born October 19, 1962.

Graduated from the Omsk State Chemical and Mechanical College (1984) and the Omsk Polytechnic Institute (1992).

1984, Gas-Treatment Plant Operator and later Engineering Technologist at the Omsk Synthetic Rubber Plant.

1991, Deputy Supervisor and later Supervisor of the Isobutane-Dehydrogenation Division of the Butyl Rubber Plant at the Tobolsk Petrochemical Plant.
2011 - September 2014, successively held the positions of Deputy Chief of Production & Sales Engineer and then First Deputy CEO & Chief Engineer.

Beginning in January 2012, he has acted as a liaison between Tobolsk-Neftekhim and Tobolsk-Polymer for feedstock supplies and general technical support.

Since September 2014 he has been the CEO of Tobolsk-Polymer.