All products exported by SIBUR Group to the EU were registered in 2010 under the EU REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals).

Our current work in the REACH framework is primarily focused on communicating information on chemicals down the supply chain, i. e. providing consumers with accurate and reliable information on registered chemical substances contained in SIBUR's products and regularly updating the safety data sheets for all SIBUR's products exported to the EU. The safety data sheets are updated according to the REACH requirements, i. e. as new information on registered substances, such as classification and labelling data, new test results, physical and chemical properties, etc., becomes available. SIBUR gathers this information from 11 consortia specialising in registration of substances where SIBUR participates via Gazprom Marketing & Trading France, its Only Representative.

All necessary information about the product and its safe use and handling is provided in the product safety data sheets and annexes thereto covering the registered uses of substances and exposure scenarios associated with such uses. Extended safety data sheets (e-SDS) also contain the substance registration number (Section 1.1), information on the Only Representative (Section 1.3.) and indicate whether the product contains substances of very high concern (SVHC) (Sections 2 and 3).

If the extended safety data sheet does not include your type of use, please, inform us at and we will update the relevant section in the data sheet accordingly.

We would also appreciate you feedback on:

This information is essential for updating the safety data sheets in line with your production requirements.

We are always ready to provide our consumers with all necessary information they need, including declarations and fact sheets in the required format.