Andrey Petrov

Date of birth: 29 April 1985

Andrey graduated from the Moscow Banking School of the Central Bank of Russia and from the Moscow Academy for Industry and Finance and holds an MBA degree.

He has been working at SIBUR since 2010, including within its Internal Audit function. He has experience in executing organisational projects, such as the implementation of SIBUR’s production system and business processes re-engineering.

Before SIBUR, Andrey worked as an external auditor for Russian and global companies.

Previously, Andrey Petrov held the position Director for Economics and Efficiency Management of BIAXPLEN. He was in charge of financial reporting and management accounting (including planning), personnel and business performance management, strategy, and development.

Alla Potapova

Chief Operating Officer

Date of birth: 16 January 1976

Alla graduated from the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics in 1998 with a degree in Economics and Enterprise Management.

She joined SIBUR in 2008.

2010–2012 – Head of Hydrocarbons Supply, Commercial Office, Hydrocarbons Division

2012–2013 – Manager, Hydrocarbons Division

2013–2014 – Head of Strategic Feedstock Supply

2014–2016 – Head of Hydrocarbons Division

2016–2017 – Head of Feedstock Supply and Operational Control

2017–2019 – Director for Feedstock Supply and Operational Control

2019–2020 – Director for Supply Chain Management

2020–2021 – Head of Supply Chain Management

July 2021 – present – Chief Operating Officer, BIAXPLEN

Alexander Kharkovsky

Director for Sales and Technical Service

Date of birth: 4 September 1976

Alexander holds two university degrees – one in Management as an engineering economist (Kuban State Technological University, Faculty of Economics) and one in Government Law (Kuban State Agrarian University, Faculty of Law). Alexander has spent 23 years at Mars, working his way up from a sales manager to Global Distributor Services Director. In July 2021, Alexander Kharkovsky was appointed Director for Sales and Technical Service at BIAXPLEN.

Natalya Kotlyarova

HR Director

Date of birth: 23 August 1985

Natalya graduated from Moscow Pedagogical State University with a degree in Pedagogy and Psychology.

She joined SIBUR in 2013 and has worked her way up from Senior HR Management Expert to HR Director at SIBUR International.

Natalya focuses on ambitious tasks aimed at improving the existing procedures for talent identification and development, succession planning, and HR processes.

Vladimir Kushnerev

Head of Production

Date of birth: 3 April 1972

Vladimir graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Kursk State Technical University in 1996 with a degree in Metalworking Machinery and Tools.

His experience in production management spans over 15 years. Vladimir started his career as a maintenance officer before being put in charge of production nine years later.

Before SIBUR, Vladimir Kushnerev supervised production at a number of major Russian companies, managing to increase production volumes, implement unified procedures, successfully optimise costs and set up new operations.

Maxim Sosunov

Chief Engineer

Date of birth: 23 April 1981

Maxim holds two university degrees. He graduated from Boris Yeltsin Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg with the degree of Engineer in Metallurgical Machinery and Equipment and from Ural State University of Economics in Yekaterinburg, majoring in National and World Economics. Maxim worked his way up from repair technician to Chief Engineer and Director for Repairs and Maintenance. His career spans work at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, Mechel Group, Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, ChelPipe, and VSMPO-AVISMA.

On 23 May 2021, Maxim Sosunov assumed the position of Chief Engineer at BIAXPLEN.

Timofey Pelevin

Date of birth: 1 May 1987

In 2009, Timofey graduated fr om the Yaroslavl State Technical University with a degree in Metal Technology. Concurrently, he received a degree in Economics.

Fr om the start of his career in 2007 until 2016, he worked in mechanical engineering companies, such as Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant (YAZDA), Komatsu and InTa-Center, wh ere he rose from a junior expert to the position of a quality director.

Timofey has developed a number of unpatented innovations in equipment and process engineering. He is a two-time winner of competitions for the best quality management system and an author of the best improvement initiative among Yaroslavl Region industrial companies.

In 2016, Timofey joined Mondi, a flexible packaging manufacturer, wh ere he became head of production in 2019.

On 1 March 2022, Timofey started working for BIAXPLEN as a project manager and was put in charge of the Technology vertical in May 2022.

Andrey Lutsik

Head of Supply Chain, Logistics, Customer Service

Andrey graduated fr om Yaroslavl State Technical University with a degree in Chemical Technology of Organic Substances.

He joined SIBUR in October 2018 as senior expert in the Economic Planning Unit within the Supply Chain function. In mid-2020, he was promoted to become a manager in charge of the production volume scheduling, sales and control of synthetic rubber business processes.

Andrey's track record includes a seven year stint with a Serbian team at a production site in Bosnia and Herzegovina wh ere he worked his way up from an engineer at a crude distillation unit to the head of production planning.

In his new capacity, Andrey will focus on boosting the efficiency of production volume scheduling, managing end product flows and advancing Supply Chain, Logistics and Customer Service functions at BIAXPLEN.

Pavel Baldykov

Head of Health, Safety and Environment

Pavel graduated fr om the Chemical Biology Faculty of Togliatti State University with an engineering degree in Chemical Technology of Organic Substances. He made significant career advancements at Togliattikauchuk (formerly owned by SIBUR), wh ere he worked both in chemical production (operator, shift manager, unit manager) and as a process engineer.

For over seven years, Pavel was in charge of H&S, production control, civil defence and emergency response units at the Togliatti production site.

As Head of Health, Safety and Environment at BIAXPLEN, Pavel is responsible for developing long-term HSE plans and programmes, streamlining the H&S and environmental management processes, building HSE competencies and safety culture among employees and contractors, interacting with the government agencies and executive authorities, and obtaining relevant HSE permits in due time.

Artyom Gorbachev

Date of birth: 6 December 1988

Artyom graduated fr om the Russian State Social University with a degree in Social Work and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration with a degree in Business Development Management.

In 2016, Artyom joined BIAXPLEN wh ere he rose from a sales support manager to the head of customer service. 

In the short term, Artyom will be working to fulfil large-scale ambitious plans, help the company reach a brand new level of customer relations and product range management, and achieve robust sales and profitability results in a rapidly changing market environment.