BIAXPLEN launches new film grades for confectionery packaging, self-adhesive label manufacturing and use in the segment of stationery supplies

Moscow, 24 December 2018. In 2018, BIAXPLEN brought to market new film grades designed to meet the needs of a wide range of consumer segments.

PGI is a confectionery packaging film boasting enhanced release properties. It was developed jointly with Russia’s leading flexible packaging producers. The laboratory and production tests showed excellent results confirming stable release properties and strong seam durability throughout the packaged product's shelf life. The grade has significant potential to find wide use in resealable chocolate packaging.

The new matte MGR release film caters to the needs of design-oriented consumers. The film is resistant to oils and fats, has great mechanical properties and demonstrates excellent repellence against latex-based cold seal adhesives, which significantly facilitates the processing. MGR is also intended for lamination with white and opaque films.

BIAXPLEN has also launched commercial production of films for self-adhesive labels: LGBL (transparent), LWBL (white) and LGBM.M (metallised). Polypropylene-based self-adhesive labels have better resistance to moisture and mechanical damages compared to labels made of conventional materials. These grades can be used with both water-based acrylic and rubber adhesives. The labels made of these films are widely applied in the food and household chemicals segments to label glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard containers. The availability of these grades on the market will boost the production of self-adhesive materials in Russia.

The semi-matte MGT film was developed for the segment of paper stationery supplies and can be used in the manufacturing of windowed envelopes and folders. The grade is highly durable, which makes it well-suited for use on high-speed lines without compromising productivity. MGT was commercially tested in Europe where it ended up replacing polyamide films in the respective market segments by reducing the end product’s cost.

BIAXPLEN remains focused on expanding the range and improving the quality of its products to keep up with the changing market trends and deliver added value to customers.


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