1. Provision by the User of information:

1.1. On completing the form on the web-site (hereafter "Web-site") the User shall provide the following information:

Surname, Name, e-mail address, telephone number, name of organization.

1.2. Providing his/her personal data the User gives his/her consent to process such data (which includes withdrawal by the User of his/her consent to process his/her personal data) (hereafter Company) for the purpose of fulfilling by the Company of its obligations to the User, providing reference information, evaluation and overview of the Web-site’s operation, and meeting requests to provide excursions on the Company’s production areas. On processing personal data of the User the Company shall be governed by the applicable laws, including the Federal Law "On Personal Data".

1.2.1. If the User wants to specify, or block or delete his/her personal data if the data is incomplete, obsolete, inaccurate, illegally obtained and unnecessary for the purpose of processing, or if the User wants to withdraw his/her consent to process personal data or prevent wrongful acts with regard to his/her personal data, the User shall submit an official request to the Company.

If the User wants to delete his/her account on the Website, the User refers to the address Deleting the account shall not mean withdrawal by the User of his/her consent to process his/her personal data.

1.3. Use of information provided by the User and received by the Company.

1.3.1. The Company may process the User’s personal data until the consent is withdrawn as specified in 1.2.1 or the purpose of processing is terminated as specified in 1.2 whichever comes first.

1.4. The Company shall receive information about the Site visitor’s IP-address and information about the web-site from which a visitor came using a link. This information is not used to identify a visitor.

1.5. The Company shall bear no responsibility for public information provided by the User on the Web-site.