Community relations

The Company maintains a dialogue with all stakeholders across its footprint.

The interaction is based on the principles of transparency, mutual help and efforts joint for the good of regional development.

Apart from helping solve social issues, SIBUR supports the formation of local communities.

As part of its support initiative in the regions, the Company has provided over 40,000 epidemiological kits required by healthcare facilities.

In addition, SIBUR joined a charitable programme to combat COVID-19 implemented by the Far East Development Fund. Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Management Board at SIBUR Holding, now sits on the programme’s steering committee.

The Company decided to continue the Formula for Good Deeds charitable programme, keeping its scope intact.

The Company works together with its partners and grantees to transform 2020 projects and ensure their successful implementation in line with the current requirements on organisers’ and attendees’ safety.

SIBUR is also considering additional steps to support the regions across its footprint.