SIBUR works consistently and proactively to tackle COVID-19 and its consequences. The Company is placing major emphasis on protecting its employees and partners, as it seeks to maintain the highest level of customer service and meet the increased demand for materials used in medical products and safe packaging.

SIBUR is delivering on all of its contractual obligations. Remote work has not affected our operations as we maintain full control over production processes.

The Company increases its production of polymers to ensure supply of high-quality disposable PPE and sanitisers to healthcare facilities. The prices for medical grade polymers are kept at their minimum levels.

SIBUR also expands cooperation with producers of medical supplies to support high utilisation of their capacities and help drive their production growth.

In addition, the Company invests in developing a feedstock base for import substitution of medical products in order to meet the nation-wide demand for disposable PPE.

SIBUR puts money into developing polymers with antimicrobial activity for the food and medical industries.

During the quarantine and self-isolation, we stayed in touch with our clients and partners via audio- and video conferences as well as other digital channels.

The Company organised a series of webinars for its clients on how to effectively organise remote work.