During the COVID-19 pandemic, SIBUR sent more than 6,000 office employees to work from home without compromising any of the business processes, and maintaining epidemiological safety and undisrupted operations across its production sites.

With a secure mobile office in place, employees can access all the necessary corporate systems remotely. The impact that the new reality has had on the process flow is close to zero.

To implement remote working, the Company purchased 1,200 additional laptops and quickly set up remote workplaces. Those who were unable to pick up their laptop from the office had it delivered to them via a contactless procedure.

Digital technologies help SIBUR keep its production processes running smoothly.

Many facilities now issue work permits remotely using electronic signature, ensuring a fast and contactless procedure. 

The Mobile Inspections app helps identify any defects early and contributes to greater reliability of the equipment. This reduces the Company’s reliance on repairs contractors, ensuring enforcement of the lockdown measures across the facilities.

Whenever maintenance shutdowns are required and involve external expertise, AR equipment is used to have consultations on a remote basis while ensuring a greater sense of immersion for everyone involved.

The Company relies on a variety of internal communication channels to stay in touch with its staff and quickly receive feedback.

New online tools have been launched, including webinars hosted by executive manages and corporate newsletters covering COVID-19 developments in Russia and globally and response measures put in place. Instant messengers are used for any urgent queries.

A 24/7 hotline is now up and running to answer any questions employees may have about COVID-19.

The Company conducts regular pulse surveys to gauge employee sentiment.