Safety of administrative staff

As a responsible employer, SIBUR cares about the health and safety of its people. 

To minimise the risks of virus spread, regulations and algorithms were put in place to spell out the do’s and don’ts for office employees in the new reality.

  • The Company complies with all the necessary sanitary standards, carries out mandatory disinfection procedures, and has introduced a checkerboard seating pattern to ensure social distancing.
  • A hybrid working arrangement is now in place, with some of the employees working from the office every day while others can also work remotely part of their time.
  • The Company maintains its advice that everyone older than 65 and vulnerable team members should continue working from home.
  • Random coronavirus testing is carried out for returning employees at the Company’s expense.
  • A floating working schedule was introduced with staggered work hours to prevent any crowds.
  • SIBUR’s employees have their temperature regularly measured at the offices and are provided with personal protective equipment: masks and gloves are mandatory at all times, and sanitisers are available for the staff to disinfect their workplaces.
  • Business meetings are recommended to be held through videoconferencing.
  • To minimise the risk of contagion in case of external contacts, employees are allowed to travel only when absolutely necessary.

The Company relies on a variety of internal communication channels to stay in touch with its staff and quickly receive feedback.

  • New online tools have been launched, including webinars hosted by executive manages and corporate newsletters covering COVID-19 developments in Russia and globally and response measures put in place. Instant messengers are used for any urgent queries.
  • A 24/7 hotline is now up and running to answer any questions employees may have about COVID-19.
  • The Company conducts regular pulse surveys to gauge employee sentiment.
  • To improve the quality of internal communications, especially given the remote working mode, SIBUR launched CLICK©, a corporate business network.
  • Jointly with SOGAZ, the Company now provides an online mental health support service for its personnel.